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Wrapped candy is one of the main special candies in Candy Crush Soda Saga. It is a regular candy in a similar coloured wrapper.


Wrapped candy is created when 5 candies of the same color in an L or T shape. Unlike Candy Crush Saga, 5 candies of the same color in a + shape can't create a wrapped candy, and if you create a wrapped candy with 6 candies of the same color, candy will be left. When formed, 200 points are given to the player. Detonating a wrapped candy gives 60 points per candy around it.


When taken in a match, the wrapped candy will suddenly explode a 3x3 area of candy. Its second explosion will occur after a few seconds and once again destroy and explode candies in a 3x3 grid.


Wrapped Candy Other special candy Effect Walkthrough
Wrapped Candy Candy Fish The fish becomes a wrapped fish and swims into blockers when exploding.
Fish Wrapped Candy.png

Fish Wrapped Candy

Striped Candy  Striped Candy The striped candy becomes a 3x3 giant striped candy which clears 3 rows and then 3 columns in a cross shape centered around the point they mixed.
Wrapped Candy Striped Candy.png
Wrapped Candy Striped Candy(2).png

Wrapped Candy Striped Candy

Wrapped Candy It will create a mass explosion that clears 24 candies in a 5x5 grid around each wrapped candy. Its second explosion will occur individually by each of the two wrapped and once again explode in a 5x5 grid.
Wrapped Candy Wrapped Candy.png

Wrapped Candy Wrapped Candy

Color Bomb Every candy of the colour of the switched wrapped candy becomes a wrapped candy, and explodes from left to right, from top to bottom, sequentially.
Wrapped Candy Color Bomb.png

Wrapped Candy Color Bomb-0

Coloring Candy The Coloring and Wrapped candies will fuse and then explode. The explosion will splash coloring bubbles onto all of the regular and special candies, including bottles that are the same color as the wrapped and coloring candy. This will turn:

  • Regular Candies into wrapped candies that will be activated right away.
  • The color of Striped, Wrapped, Fish, and Coloring Candies as well as Bottles that are the same color as the wrapped candy into the colour of the coloring candy.
  • If the combined candies are of same colour, another colour dominating on the board will be affected.

Coloring Candy Wrapped Candy.png

Coloring Candy Wrapped Candy