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World 90
Episodes Custard Caverns to Bubblegum Bath
Easiest episode(s) Unknown
Hardest episode(s) Unknown
Levels 4121 to 4165
Previous Current Next
World 89 World 90 World 91

World 90 is the nintieth world in Candy Crush Soda Saga. It contains episodes 268-270 and currently has 40 levels. It starts at level 4121 and will end at level 4165. It is preceeded by World 89 and succeeded by World 91.

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Episode number Episode name Levels Level types Release date
268 Custard Caverns 4121 - 4135 released with the next episode.
269 Lollipop Labs 4136 - 4150 released with the previous episode
270 Bubblegum Bath 4151 - 4165 released with the next episode and the next world