aka B.E.N. (Joe)

  • I live in 5-line musical staff
  • My occupation is New Graduate Student
  • I am A musical note

Current status: Inactive on this wiki.

Hi, my username is Blueeighthnote. Welcome to Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki!


I must humbly say that my Soda Progress is only 171/1???.

Opening Time

Currently inactive.

Current Level Difficulties on Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki

Currently, all Difficulty levels are removed from the wiki.

Others Wikis that I work on

(Status updated on Feb 23, 2018)

Wikis that I have frequently visited:
Wiki Site User
Candy Crush Saga Wiki [1] Former-admin, temporary inactivity, expected return in March 2018
  1. First Wiki ever edited on.
  2. Popular Wiki, often reaches top 100!
  3. Though admittedly I'm pretty behind right now since I'm not playing it very often anymore.
Tower of Saviors Wiki (Chinese) [2] Admin, active Data management and error check
Tower of Saviors Wiki (English) [3] User, active In-game content analysis and stuff
Wikis I've been on
Piano Tiles Wiki [4] Bureaucrat, inactive
  1. Editing Pages about the game Piano Tiles and Piano Tiles 2.
  2. How irresponsible, I should return editing! I will hop in and re-edit the mess I left in March 2018
Candy Crush Soda Saga Wiki [5] Admin, inactive
  1. An excellent Wiki for Candy Crush Soda!
  2. Unfortunately inactive as my progress is low.
Diamond Digger Saga Wiki [6] Admin, inactive Diamond Digger Saga. Used to have designed a lot of templates for this wiki to use.
Prime Numbers Wiki [7] Bureaucrat, inactive Retired. While this Wiki is a lot of fun, I've lost interest at this point. I may return someday, though.

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