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Super Hard Level icon

A super hard level icon

Super Hard Level icon (locked)

Super hard level icon (locked)

Super hard level is a feature in Candy Crush Soda Saga and it is a level that is considered difficult by the majority of players and is often much harder than the levels marked as a Hard Level, meaning the player needs to find the solution to clear the level.

Super hard levels were introduced with the release of Toffee Island.

If a level is deemed a "super hard level", it will have a special icon that is colored red with some clouds animation on the map.

For the list of hard levels, see here.

The history of super hard levelsEdit


  • The earliest data of super hard levels can be found in version 1.87.
  • Some hard levels became super hard levels in version 1.89 on some mobiles in May 2017.
  • This feature was only released in some devices after its release time point.
  • The super hard levels were introduced officially on Facebook in version 1.92 (June 28, 2017).

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