Sprinkleshell is one of the main features in Candy Crush Soda Saga that first appears in Home Sticky Home, the first level with sprinkleshell is level 301.



Sprinkleshell is a turtle who has a cyan body and brown shell with colourful spots. When a player starts a level, his head is shrunk. An energy bar under him is needed to be charged. The way to add his power is "feed" him with cyan candies. It means you should match the cyan candies Lightbluecandy. When the power bar is full, the sprinkleshell will extend his head, and you can click him to determine which color of candies you want to eliminate. Sprinkleshell will eat the candies and gnash his teeth in anger. It is nearly like the combination of color bomb and a regular candy without costing a move in a similar fashion to Pepper Panic Saga's make your own match powerup.


  • If the color bomb combines with Lightbluecandy, one Lightbluecandy is regarded as two Lightbluecandy to feed the sprinkleshell. This was fixed after Jujube Jungle was released.
  • If Lightbluecandy is chosen, the bar will fill as usual. If the player is lucky, the sprinkleshell can be used again.
  • Sprinkleshell does not appear since Carrot Cake Cubby. However, it appears again when Goody Gardens was released.
  • After releasing Flapjack Forest, sprinkleshell only appears in some levels, not appear in the entire episode.
  • After the completed level, if sprinkleshell is full, it will be auto-activated again. However, if sprinkleshell is full in the second time, it will not activate. In case if sprinkleshell is not full after you completed level, it is not also auto-activated.
  • You can not remove color bomb by sprinkleshell due to having no suitable candy colors with it and you can not also remove coloring candy although it can match with other candies.
  • This seems to reference Candy Order levels in Candy Crush Saga and the candy frog from that game. It also has a reference to making monklings in monkling levels in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.
  • Again, this element was absent since Red Velvet Villa and returned after the release of Lolly Lagoon. This is the first time in the history of Candy Crush Soda Saga that this element is introduced longest but then it is also absent longest.


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First Level Last Level #
301 1806 159


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