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Achievements to Episode 235
Episode 236 to Level 1026
Level 1027 to Level 1187/Versions
Level 1188 to Level 1361/Versions
Level 1362 to Level 1537/Versions
Level 1538 to Level 1719
Level 1719/Versions to Level 1956
Level 1957 to Level 2234
Level 2235 to Level 2513
Level 2514 to Level 2776
Level 2776/Versions to Level 2996
Level 2997 to Level 3229
Level 323 to Level 3511
Level 3512 to Level 399/Versions
Level 3 (Bubblegum Hill) to Level 561/Versions
Level 562 to Level 738/Versions
Level 739 to Level 91/Versions
Level 910 to List of Chocolate levels/World Four
List of Chocolate levels/World Fourteen to Magic Mirror (disambiguation)
Magical Meadow to World Forty-Four
World Forty-Nine to Yummy Yard
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