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.Level 3976 to Episode 224
Episode 225 to La Muncha
Lamington Line to Level 1156
Level 1156/Versions to Level 1327/Versions
Level 1328 to Level 1503
Level 1503/Versions to Level 1681/Versions
Level 1682 to Level 1903
Level 1903/Versions to Level 218/Versions
Level 2180 to Level 2459
Level 246 to Level 2737
Level 2737/Versions to Level 295/Versions
Level 2950 to Level 3176
Level 3177 to Level 3458
Level 3459 to Level 3743
Level 3744 to Level 4028
Level 4029 to Level 4316
Level 4317 to Level 460
Level 460/Versions to Level 506/Versions
Level 507 to Level 683
Level 683/Versions to Level 856
Level 857 to List of Bubble Gum levels/World Thirteen
List of Bubble Gum levels/World Thirty to List of Levels/World Fourteen
List of Levels/World Nine to Sugary Zen Garden
Sundae Market to Yummy Yard
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