Shuffle background

A candy shuffle

A Candy Shuffle is when all the candies on the board are shuffled. The colours of the candies don't change, but their position on the board does. A shuffle can be brought on when a player runs out of possible switches on the board.

When a player runs out of possible moves, all the candies go into a "Shuffling" word in the center of the screen and then they come out of the shuffled randomly.

Objects that are excluded from shuffling include special candies and liquorice swirl, as well as candies inside blockers.

After a shuffle, there would be a possible move, unless there are not enough candies to form a single move, in which case player will fail the level.


  • Unlike the original game, after shuffling, the player can't get new cascades instantly.
  • Level 451 may be an example for the case 'there are not enough candies to form a single move' if the player uses sprinkleshell in an incorrect way.
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