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Redesigning is the process in Candy Crush Soda Saga in which the game developers, King, change a level or an in-game element in the level. Redesigning can be differentiated into two categories: Nerfing and Buffing. Nerfing is a community name given to the process by which the game developers make a level or an in-game element easier or less powerful. Buffing, on the other hand, is a common term to describe a level or an in-game element being made more difficult or powerful.

Now and then, when too many people complain that a level is too difficult and many players reach the level and quit, King will redesign the level to make it a little easier, or a lot easier in some cases.

Common Ways of Redesigning Levels

  • Adding or reducing moves
  • Lowering or increasing the target score
  • Removal of blockers
  • Removal of a colour
  • Changing the structure of the board
  • Changing the target amounts of a level
  • Changing level types
  • Change the content of candy cannons
  • Adding or replacing some special candies

List of Redesigned Levels (Sorted by version)

  • Candycane Isle was the final episode when Candy Crush Soda Saga was first officially released.
  • There are some score adjustments on some levels. This is always considered as buffed.
  • The developers always update the versions on Facebook untimely. The date of a redesign is according to the new version released on mobile.

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