Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road info 3-1

Levels All levels (pass without losing a life)
Characters Kimmy
Release date Web: September 12, 2017
Mobile Icon: June 14, 2017

Rainbow Road is an event in Candy Crush Soda Saga that is available on mobile devices and Facebook.

While the event originally, and currently has no time limit, for a limited time, you originally had a time limit of 24 hours, this was removed in August 2019 update.


Get sweet boosts and new gear for Kimmy when you pass new levels without losing a life!

When the player completes a level, Kimmy will appear on the map with a rainbow on the levels they pass. Complete as many levels without losing a life as possible, you can get more treats. However, it you fail (include the players click quit button), you will lose the boosters in current level and come back the previous boosters given.


Kimmy Description Level completed Starting boosters
Complete new levels without losing a life to collect the super bows and get sweet boosts! 1  Pregame colorbomb modal icon: 1
You got the Fairy Bow! Keep up your streak, and collect more bows for better boosts! 2  : 1 Pregame colorbomb modal icon: 1 Bonus wrapped: 1
You got the Sunrise Bow, that's crazy awesome! 3  : 1 Pregame colorbomb modal icon: 1 Bonus fish: 1 Bonus wrapped: 1
Check this out! The Kawaii Bow will boost you to space and back! 4  : 1 : 1 Pregame colorbomb modal icon: 1 Bonus fish: 1 Bonus striped: 1 Bonus wrapped: 1
The grand finale, the legendary Rainbow Bow! Continue your streak to hold on to it as long as you can. 5  : 1 : 1 Pregame colorbomb modal icon: 1 Pregame coloring modal icon: 1 Bonus fish: 1 Bonus striped: 1 Bonus wrapped: 1


  • There is no button to access this event. However, when the player completes the levels, this event will appear immediately.
  • This event is invalid if the player plays the previous levels. They can only replay levels marked a rainbow.
  • This event has similarities to Space Dash in the original game, since in both events you get more starting special candies by completing more levels in a row. Losing a level means you lose your current starting special candies. However, in Space Dash you can play any level to increase your starting special candies, in Rainbow Road you must play the latest level available. Also, in Rainbow Road losing a level decreases the quality of the bow by one step, whereas in Space Dash losing one level means you lose whatever spaceship you have and have to start all over.
  • There is a glitch in the game where the rewards don't show up when you're starting a level.



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