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Moves for level 10

Moves are one of the main features of Candy Crush Soda Saga. A move consists of matching at least three same-colored candies in a row / column, switching a color bomb / coloring candy or combining special candies. A successful match will decrease the remaining moves by one. 

After the level target is acquired, Soda Crush will be activated, converting all, if any, remaining moves into special candies and earning you additional points.

The amount of moves can vary a lot. When you run out without reaching the level goal, you'll fail (unless you decide to buy Extra Moves).


  • Level 72 used to have the most moves with 70 moves. It was then buffed so it only had half, or 35.
  • After Wacky Woods, the move count was changed on Facebook. When the player had 3 or fewer moves, the icon of the number will be highlighted.
  • Level 1548 currently has the most moves in the history of Candy Crush Soda Saga, beats level 238 with 320 moves. (NOTE: This has changed to only 30 moves as of Oct 2017.)