Liquorice Lock

Liquorice Lock

Liquorice Lock (also known as Licorice LockLiquorice XLiquorice CageX Lock, or Locked Candy) is a blocker in Candy Crush Soda Saga and is the first blocker introduced. Its first appearance is in the sixth episode, Choco Canyon, at Level 61. This blocker looks like a locked door, with liquorice surrounding the outside of the square and with an X-formation.


Level 2

First appearance of liquorice lock (old before it was removed from the level)

  • Any kind of candies or swirls can be captured by a liquorice locked, and they can't move until they get unlocked. Locked candies retain their original properties except for mobility. However, the locked swirls have no resistance to special candies' effect.
  • How to let liquorice lock disappear? It depends on what kind of candies or blockers. Special candies or their combinations are always effective for liquorice locks. Because other properties of locked candies or blockers are retained, you can also unlock them according to their properties.


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