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Liquorice Link

Liquorice Link is a blocker that first appears in Delicious Desert, the first level with the liquorice links is level 391.


Liquorice Links in level 391.

  • A liquorice link occupies one square and is stuck until cleared. A chain of liquorice links is linked together by the bubble gum string.
  • You can destroy the links by making a match next to it in an adjacent square or by hitting it with a special candy. If one link in a chain of links is destroyed, the whole chain is destroyed with it.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of all liquorice links, but they can be destroyed immediately if one of them in a chain has one-layered liquorice link. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip all types of liquorice links.
  • In later episodes, liquorice links can now trap candies and other elements. Those elements trapped inside liquorice links cannot be destroyed by making matches or special candies' effects. However, they are still connected with some normal liquorice links so that the player can break them.

Types of Liquorice Link

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
Liquorice link1.png
Yellow Liquorice link1.png
One-layered Liquorice Link Level 391 1
Liquorice link2.png
Yellow Liquorice link2.png
Two-layered Liquorice Link 2
Liquorice link3.png
Yellow Liquorice link3.png
Three-layered Liquorice Link 3
Liquorice link4.png
Yellow Liquorice link4.png
Four-layered Liquorice Link 4


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First Level Last Level #
391 1758 359

Yellow Liquorice Link

  • This blocker first appears in Pirate Pond which first being level 2831. Their function and layers are similar to originals. However, they will be broken faster.


  • This can be broken if a color bomb or fish candy hits an adjacent candy.
  • Layers of a liquorice link has different looks and they represent symbols in real life.
    • A one-layered liquorice link looks like a black button with 4 holes. It represents the number 4 on a dice.
    • A two-layered liquorice connects the bottom left hole and upper right hole with pink strawberry liquorice. It represents a percentage sign. (%)
    • A three-layered liquorice link connects the remaining 2 holes. It represents a cross or a multiply sign. (X)
    • A four-layered liquorice link adds a knot tied on the crossed liquorice strips. It represents an asterisk. (*)
  • This is the third blocker to have liquorice, the first one being the liquorice lock and the second one being the liquorice swirl.
  • In Candy Crush Friends Saga, it is named as 'Liquorice Lace' and has a different color variant.
  • In Candy Crush Saga, one of its blockers, 'Rainbow Twist', share the same properties as this blocker. However, that blocker can have up to 5 layers (though unlike this game, which can have up to 4 only).
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