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There are currently seven level types throughout the whole soda saga. Each type of level has a unique and different objective.

The 7 level types

Type Description First Level Last Level # Making Up 1st Episode
Soda Sodatype.png In these levels, you must pop all the amount of bottles to progress. 1 9665 827 0.21%
Frosting Frostingtype.png In these levels, you must find all the amount of bears in frosting to progress. 6 9669 3211 0.8%
Bubble Bubbletype.png In these levels, you must bring all the amount of bubbles above the candy string to progress. 9 9668 2400 0.6%
Chocolate Chocotype.png In these levels, you must eat all the amount of chocolate to progress. 32 9662 830 0.21%
Honey Honeytype.png In these levels, you must find all the amount of bears in honey to progress. 31 9670 2987 0.75%
Bubble Gum Bubblegumtype.png In these levels, you must chew all the amount of bubble gum to progress. 166 9659 853 0.21%
Jam Jamtype.png In these levels, you must spread all the amount of jams to progress. 256 9667 2735 0.68%

List of Level types



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Hardest level type

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