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Level 35
Level 35(3).png
Episode Shortcake-Shores.png
Level type Chocotype.png
Chocolate Brown Chocolate: 12
Moves Move.png Moves-30.png
Number of
candy colours
Redcandy.PNG Orangecandy.PNG Yellowcandy.PNG Greencandy.PNG Lightbluecandy.PNG
Blockers Three-layered Cupcake  Four-layered Cupcake  Brown Chocolate
Other features Candy Cannon.gif Wrapped Candy

Hard Levels

Target score 1bluestar (trans).png 1yellowstar (trans).png : 2,000 points
Sections 1
Number of spaces Space.png 73
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Previous Current Next
Bubbletype.png Frostingtype.png
Level 34 Level 36
Chocotype.png Chocotype.png
Level 32 Level 38

Level 35 is the 5th level in Shortcake Shores and 3rd chocolate level in Candy Crush Soda Saga. To pass this level, you must eat all the chocolate and score at least 2,000 points in 30 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Soda Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • Corners are really hard to clear. Even if you get some lucky combinations, you're very likely to still fail because chocolate spreads easily.


Scores 2,000 20,000 35,000


  • Make as many special candies and their combinations as you can.
  • Some fish candies, ready for activating, can be very good when you can't touch the chocolate directly (so that it doesn't spread).
  • The best combination to create is a double color bomb, as this will erase every chocolate in one swoop.


  • This is the first chocolate level that is rated "hard".



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