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Level Past Versions
Level 1903
Level 1903(2) Mobile.png
Episode Gummy Glacier
Level type Bubbletype.png
Bears Bubble Bear: 2
Moves Move.png Moves-30.png
Number of
candy colours
Redcandy.PNG Orangecandy.PNG Yellowcandy.PNG Greencandy.PNG Lightbluecandy.PNG
Blockers Liquorice Lock.png  Liquorice Swirl  One-layered Candy Ice Cube  Two-layered Candy Ice Cube  Four-layered Candy Ice Cube  Five-layered Candy Ice Cube
Other features Candy Cannon.gif Striped Candy  Purple Soda  Straws  Super Hard Levels
Target score 1bluestar (trans).png 1yellowstar (trans).png : 12,000 points
Sections 1
Number of spaces Space.png 64
Difficulty Undetermined
Previous Current Next
Honeytype.png Frostingtype.png
Level 1902 Level 1904
Bubbletype.png Bubbletype.png
Level 1899 Level 1907

Level 1903 is the 3rd level in Gummy Glacier and bubble level in Candy Crush Soda Saga. To pass this level, you must get 2 bears above the candy string and score at least 12,000 points in 30 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Soda Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


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1star (super hard level).png
2stars (super hard level).png
3stars (super hard level).png
Scores 12,000 30,000 40,000


(Provided by King (see in-game FAQ))

Check the flow

This board is split into two 'zones', one on each side of the screen. You can see they're connected by four drinking straws, connecting the top of the left side with the bottom of the right. Understanding this connection is a key aspect of passing the level as it will behave differently based on the fill level of the purple soda which begins to flood the screen.

So for the first half of the level, focus only on the left of the screen, making matches that draw down candies from the top, fed by the candy collection on the right. In a few moves you'll see how the candies flow down and if you're lucky, a few will clear the frosting from the lower part of the right-side board.

Blast the frosting

But you'll need to try a little harder to make this level easy. On the left, try to create fish (by matching in a 2 x 2 square) or by creating striped/wrapped candies and match them whenever you can. These can be used to blast from the left to the right of the screen, helping clear those solid frosty frosting blocks even faster. The more you clear away, the more straight lines will be cleared so that falling candies can create their own boosters.

As you work through this, soda bottles will drop into the screen (beginning on the right) and when popped will bring up the purple soda level so that the bears can move up the left board.

Keep matching, popping and blasting using these tips and before long the flow will have turned from the left screen being fed by the right, to the right screen being fed by the left. All that purple soda brings the balance over and the bears will move their ways across and up toward the candy string target.

Plan, plot and be patient

This isn't an easy level, so it's going to take some careful plotting, planning and patience to get the better of it. As always, don't rush into any move. Take a moment to look a step or two ahead and weigh up the benefit of any move you make. Moves are precious so use them wisely.

With all this soda filling the screen, you can quench your thirst for success in no time!


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Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1903

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