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Level Past Versions
Level 1284
Level 1284(3)
Episode Creamy-Cliffs
Level type Frostingtype
Bears Frosting bear: 3
Frosting Double Frosting: 76
Sprinkle2 Sprinkle : 15 Lightbluecandy
Moves Move Moves-35
Number of
candy colours
Redcandy Orangecandy Yellowcandy Greencandy Lightbluecandy Purplecandy
Blockers Liquorice Lock  Liquorice swirl  Ice2  Ice3  Ice4  Ice5  Ice6
Other features Candy Cannon Bluefish  Purplestripeh  Orangestripev  Redwrap  Colorbomb  Straw  Wrapped Fish horizontal
Target score 1bluestar (trans) 1yellowstar (trans) : 10,000 points
Sections 1
Number of spaces Space 76
Previous Current Next
Sodatype Jamtype
Level 1283 Level 1285
Frostingtype Frostingtype
Level 1281 Level 1288

Level 1284 is the 14th level in Creamy Cliffs and 278th frosting level in Candy Crush Soda Saga. To pass this level, you must find 3 bears in frosting and score at least 10,000 points in 35 moves or fewer. When you complete the level, Soda Crush is activated and will score you additional points.


  • The player has only 35 moves to find all bears in frosting.
  • Six colors make it hard to create special candies, especially ice cubes on the board.


Scores 10,000 65,000 80,000


  • Start the level by clearing the two candy ice cubes at the top of the middle column. Even though there are only two candy ice cubes, clearing them will significantly increase the space in which you can match candies and make special candies.
  • There are four wrapped candies trapped by liquorice locks. Being able to combine one or two of them with striped candies will help out a lot.
  • Although there is a color bomb candy trapped at the center of the second row from the bottom, most of the time you won’t be able to combine it with a special candy because of it’s location. That’s why you don’t waste moves trying to combine it with a special candy and just activate it as you see fit.
  • Pay attention to cyan candies and match them when you see fit. When sprinkleshell is fed and there is a large amount of cyan candies on the playing field, use sprinkleshell to clear cyan candies. This will get you close to feeding sprinkleshell again.


Blockers Info

Level 1284(t)

Area Info

Level 1284(f)
  • Yellow(f) = possible area of 1x2 bear.
  • Pink(f) = area of wrapped fish. (24Wrapped Fish horizontal)


Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1284 (nerfed)

Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1284 (nerfed)

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