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Kimmy (aka Kimmie), a 10-year-old girl who sets out in the soda world to find her sister, Tiffi (or Toffette), is the main protagonist in Candy Crush Soda Saga. As she ventures this route, she discovers what's out in the open world and meets new characters, who share the world from their perspective.

When the player successfully beats a level, Kimmy appears jolly. However, she will cry if the player fails a level.


Kimmy has similar features to Tiffi. However, they are not identical to hers. Instead, Kimmy has a somewhat sky-blue dress along with matching blue shoes, and has brunette hair tied with a red bow. Pink rosy cheeks are seen on her complexion as well as a nose similar to Tiffi's. Unlike Tiffi, her expressions aren't as exaggerated.

On Hard Levels, she wears a ninja clothing holding a fan which bears the Hard Level Skull on her right hand.

On Super Hard Levels, she wears a samurai outfit holding candy cane swords in both hands. You can also find these items in Dunking Dojo.

On Ultra Hard Levels, she wears sensei clothes with a white beard, and therefore can easily be confused with a man, as females do not have beards.

She wears a swimming mask on Underwater Episodes. In episodes such as Ice Pop Pools, she wears a swimming suit on the beach. On the episodes, Juice Cruise, she wears a pharaon's hat on her hat. On the episodes, Sweet Streets, she wears a DJ suit.


Originally from the Candy World, the soda world was eventually mixed and transformed into a Soda world. She's a 10 year old girl who discovers where her sister has wandered off to... Have you seen Tiffi lately (besides the Candy World?)


  • Her adopted father is Mr. Toffee.
  • Her diet is the same as Tiffi's (500 Swedishfish per day) and for the same reason (good for her joints). Moreover, she drinks 100 liters of soda a day because it keeps her on her toes.
  • Clicking on her makes her say "Åh Läskeblask!", a Swedish phrase meaning "Oh soda!"
  • She often appears in the limited time in Candy Crush Saga.
  • Her jumping when the player completes hard levels was changed after Liquorice Lair.
  • Her birthday was revealed to be November 12, on the official Candy Crush Soda Saga Facebook page.


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