Jelly Cake

Jelly Cake

Jelly Cake is a blocker that first appears in the 20th episode, Sweetopia, the first level with the jelly cake is level 271.


Level 271(2)

Jelly Cake

  • A jelly cake is a blocker which occupies a 2 x 2 square on the board. The blocker can take 8 hits (by matching candies adjacent to any of the four spaces the cake occupies or by using special candies) to destroy. Each time the cake takes a hit one of the colored slices vanish (the colored slices vanish in clockwise order, starting from the top). The 8 colors of the slices (one color for each hit) are, (in clockwise order from the top), red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink, magenta and purple.
  • When it is destroyed, it explodes and hits all the blockers and candies on the board (this effect is like a color bomb + color bomb combination). If the board has special candies, they will be activated; color bomb and coloring will not have effect when activated. It is therefore very similar to the cake bomb in the original Candy Crush Saga, except that the cake bomb requires you to hit each of the four corners of the cake twice to remove all 8 slices. The jelly cake can be hit on any of the four squares which it occupies.


  • Color bomb + coloring candy combination can destroy the jelly cake completely.
    • Color Bomb + Coloring Candy mix will only remove one slice, but the cake behind the colored slices will wiggle showing that it will eventually explode. When cascades end, all the colored slices suddenly disappear and the cake explodes.
  • The Jelly Cake behaves very similarly like the Cake bomb in the original saga.
  • The Jelly Cake takes 8 hits to destroy it.
  • If two or more Jelly Cakes are destroyed at the same time, they will be activated one by one.
  • In the original Candy Crush Saga, when the cake is destroyed, a party-popper blows it causing it to clear the whole board. After the cake bomb detonated, all candies (include special candies) will be blown away instead of being activated.
  • Currently, you can't get any points when you detonate the jelly cake on mobile. It makes getting 3 stars extremely hard on mobile at some levels as level 642 and 648.
  • The cake gives 3,000 points (9,000 w/ special candies on the last hit) on the web. The points are given when the animation starts before the cake explodes.


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First Level Last Level #
271 1765 113


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