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Jam levels (sometimes also known as Spread the jam everywhere levels) are one of the seven level types in Candy Crush Soda Saga, along with soda levels, frosting levels, bubble levels, chocolate levels, honey levels and bubble gum levels. Jam levels are the seventh level type introduced in the game. They first appear in episode 19, Cotton Candy Castle, with the first level being level 256.

Jam levels are the second most common level type in the game, making up 9.83% of all levels, with 735 total appearances out of the 7480 levels.

See the full List of Jam levels here.


To win a jam level, the player has to spread jam everywhere. Unlike other level types, the jam must be spread over the entire board. Jam can be spread by matching candies on the existing jam. This is why jam levels are difficult, especially when there are blockers.

When all the Jam is spread, Soda Crush is activated - for every move remaining, a random special (fish, striped, or wrapped) is placed somewhere available and you earn 3,000 points for it. Then each of them activates themselves.

A player also has to reach a certain score requirement (for one star). This is usually trivial, because if you complete the main level objective, you always have enough points for at least one star. 


Jam levels are often hard if the player does not know how jam works. These levels are usually easy when there are no blockers and less colors or Dark Purple but it can become insanely hard if there are many colors and multi-layered blockers.


First Level Last Level #
256 🤔 🤔
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