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Jam is the main element of Jam Levels. You are required to spread it all over the field. You can pass the level easier if you understand some unique properties of jam. (see below)


  • When you match candies, if at least one is on a jam square, all spaces relevant to the matching will be covered with jam.
  • If a Swedishfish Candy is activated on jam, it will find a random space to cover.
  • If a Striped is activated on jam, all spaces it contacts will be covered with jam. If it is activated on a non-jam square, and there is a jam square within reach not on the edge, the jam will extend toward the edge.
  • When, or even if, the striped candy hits a blocker (excluding Locks), the jam stops spreading. You must remove the blockers first, or you will easily fail.
  • If a Wrapped Candy explodes on jam square, all spaces affected will be covered with jam.
  • If a color bomb/coloring candy is activated on jam space, when the special is swapped or combined, all the activated candy will be covered.
  • Similarly, if either is activated on which jam is absent, only when the color bomb/coloring candy is combined with Swedishfish, the activated Swedishfish transformed from normal candies on jam space will be covered with jam.
  • If the candy fish related combination is on the jam spaces, the activated fish will spread jam.
  • If there are no blockers (except liquorice locks), color bomb + color bomb (or coloring candy) combination in jam spaces would spread jam over the whole board so that you can pass the level. However, there are exceptions that it could fail.


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First Level Last Level #
256 3308 666


  • This element also appeared in the sequel Candy Crush Jelly Saga. However, it is only seen at the first launch on mobile before redesign. And there are two jam types, also known as jelly.
  • After release of Yummy Yard, jam cannot be spread indirectly by striped candy, peppermint stick or even by striped lollipop hammer anymore. This bug was reported, which is level 1968.