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Honey is a blocker in Candy Crush Soda Saga, introduced in Level 31 that appears in all honey levels. Like Ice Cubes, honey traps other elements inside it. Its appearance depends on the number of layers present. Transparent honey is introduced in episode 4, Shortcake Shores, which also introduces a new level type, Honey Levels. Comb honey is introduced in level 76 (level 35 unofficially due to a redesign).

After Level 33, honey can also be present in non-honey levels.

Bubble gum can be found inside the honey in Level 214.


Honey in Level 77

  • Honey occupies one square and can have one to six layers. 
  • Honey can be empty, but it often contains elements instead. These elements cannot be matched, collected, or destroyed, until the square of honey is destroyed.  
  • Honey can be transparent or opaque, and its coloring varies with the number of layers.
    • Single-layered honey is transparent, and a honeycomb pattern is slightly discernible on it. Double-layered honey is also transparent, though somewhat less, and its comb pattern is often imperceptible. Also, the contents may be a bit harder to see, and the bears or candies trapped in it will be a bit blurry. Elements trapped in single and double-layered honey are visible through the honey.  
    • Honey with more than two layers is completely opaque so that its contents cannot be seen. This kind of honey may be referred to as comb honey, as it has a distinct honeycomb pattern that deepens in color with every layer. The number of cells filled with honey determines how many hits it takes to remove the comb.  
  • Honey can be removed by making matches adjacent to it or through any special candy's effects reaching the honey (different from cupcake and ice cubes). Each hit will remove one layer of honey. To be fully destroyed, multi-layered honey requires as many hits depending on the number of layers.
  • It can also be destroyed when a striped or wrapped candy hits an adjacent candy without directly hitting the honey. Chocolate and honey are the only blockers that can be destroyed in such ways.
  • Color bomb + color bomb combination can take off one layer of honey. Color bomb + coloring candy can strip honey without honeycomb, and honeycomb will disappear if there is.
  • Destroying the third and last layer of honey will reward 20 points (60 from special candies).

Layers of Honey

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
Single-layered Honey Level 31 1
Double-layered Honey Level 32 2
Comb Honey Level 35 2 or 3
Level 36 3 or 4
Level 41 4 or 5
Level 45 5 or 6


  • Comb honey was unofficially introduced in Shortcake Shores because of some redesign in version updates.
  • This blocker can appear in other level types instead of just appearing in honey levels.
  • In honey levels, after saving the bears in one board or each section, all layers of honey will be removed from that section after all cascades have stopped. However, in other level types, they don't act like so.
  • This blocker is similar like marmalade of Candy Crush Saga. However, that blocker always has candies inside and doesn't have layers.