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Hard level is a main feature on Candy Crush Soda Saga and it is a level that is considered difficult by the majority of players. Levels can be hard for many different reasons. Any level type has the potential to have hard levels.

Hard Level is also a feature where it determines the hard levels. It was available when Spun Sugar Carnival was released on both web and mobile versions.

If a level is deemed a "hard level", it will have a special icon that is colored purple on the map.

For the list of hard levels, see here.

What makes a hard levelEdit

The history of hard levelsEdit

  • There were several changes in hard level with version update before Level 945. The hard levels were fixed after Loch Nom was released. The hard levels are listed below:
  • The list of hard levels was added and changed after v1.92. The list of super hard levels was in Super Hard Level page.


  • This element is available for most of 'Saga' related games made by King, the company.
  • Usually, level numbers that are multiples of 5 are hard levels. This trend is frequent since the 500s.
    • However, after Candy Fishin' Hole was released, some levels do not end with 5 or 0 anymore.

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