Color Bomb (also called a Hypercube) is one of the special candies in Candy Crush Soda Saga that was brought from the original game Candy Crush Saga. It is made of a chocolate ball with rainbow sprinkles on it. It is thought that this special candy is based on Australian treat known as a chocolate freckle.

In many ways, a color bomb works the same as in Candy Crush Saga but the way it works in combos is different, which usually more powerful.


A color bomb is created when 5 candies (including special candies and bottles) of the same color form either a horizontal or vertical straight line. When formed, 200 points are given to the player. As in the original game, color bombs are not linked to any specific color. Therefore, an identical color bomb will always be created regardless of the color of candies that made it.

It is easy to form a color bomb when the board has less than 5 colors.



Since a color bomb is not linked to any specific color, it cannot form a matching combination with other candies or bottles on the board. However, it will be activated if swapped with any regular or special candy or a bottle. Therefore, it is not possible to move a Color Bomb without getting it detonated. The effect will depend on the type of candy the color bomb is swapped with.

Swapping with Regular Candy or BottleEdit

When a color bomb is swapped with a regular candy or bottle, the color bomb will release energy charge striking all candies (including special and bottles) that match the color of the swapped regular candy/bottle. The affected regular candies/bottles will be destroyed and the special candies will be instantly activated.

If the affected regular candies and bottles are trapped in licorice locks, they will get unlocked but not destroyed. However, the locked special candies will get both unlocked and activated.

If a color bomb is activated by special candy’s effect, it will strike the candies/bottles of the dominant color on the board.


Color Bomb Other special candy Effect Walkthrough
Colorbomb Bluefish The color bomb transforms all candies of swapped candy's color into fishes. The candy fish swims into blockers when activated.
Color Bomb Fish
Color Bomb Fish

Color Bomb Fish

Purplestripeh  Orangestripev Every candy of the color of the striped candy becomes a striped candy with horizontal and vertical directions (from left to right, and from top to bottom) sequentially, and those striped candies will detonate.
Color Bomb Striped candy
Color Bomb Striped candy

Color Bomb Striped candy

Redwrap Every candy of the color of the switched wrapped candy becomes a wrapped candy, and explodes from left to right, from top to bottom, one by one in order.
Wrapped Candy Color Bomb
Wrapped Candy Color Bomb-0

Wrapped Candy Color Bomb-0

Colorbomb Clears every candy and blockers on the board. Special candies are activated and blockers with multi-layers will strip off one layer.
Color Bomb Color Bomb
Color Bomb Color Bomb

Color Bomb Color Bomb

Cyancoloring Rainbow Kimmy appears and:

  • Clears every candy on the board;
  • Gets all special candies activated;
  • Clears every blocker on the board (except multi-layered honey or multi-layered bubble gum).
    • Bubble gum: clears one layer.
    • Honey block:
      • Clears single- and double-layered honey blocks from the board;
      • Reduces triple-layered honey blocks to single-layered honey blocks;
      • Reduces 4-6 layered honey blocks to double-layered honey blocks.

Coloring Candy Color Bomb
Coloring Candy Color Bomb(2)
Coloring Candy Color Bomb (Rainbow Kimmy)

Coloring Candy Color Bomb (Rainbow Kimmy)


Rainbow kimmy

Rainbow Kimmy : Mix it up-love all!
Combine a color bomb with a coloring candy (1 time)


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