Cascades occur when you trigger a chain reaction with one match. This can be done very easily when you have 3 to 5 colors on the board and/or with a Color Bomb.

Cascade acknowledgments Edit


An example of cascades.

Cascade acknowledgments are announced when a player makes a series of cascades. You can listen to these recordings in the page Voice.

  • Juicy - This can be done by destroying 12 candies or making at least 4 cascades.
  • Tasty - You can achieve this by destroying at least 18 candies or making 6 cascades.
  • Sodalicious - This can be done by causing mayhem on the board. You will have to destroy at least 27 candies or make 9 cascades in one move! 
  • Divine - You'll have to be either lucky or crazy to perform this. This can be done by destroying 36+ candies or making 12+ cascades in one move! This can be easily achieved in levels with four colours. Five color levels also make strong cascades given lots of space.

Trivia Edit

  • The cascades are really helpful when the target score is high since cascades award you more points as they continue. They give an additional 60 points per cascade (for three-candy matches), so each additional cascade is worth 60, 120, 180, 240, etc.
  • The cascades are likely to go on for a really long time at the end of the level if the board is 4-colours. If cascades go on for a long time when the player has completed the level, more candy colors will be added to the board, stopping cascades from happening.
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