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A four-layered ice cube

Candy ice cube (or ice cube) is a blocker in Candy Crush Soda Saga. It is officially introduced in episode 17, Glazed Everglade. Just like as cupcake and honey, its appearance varies with the number of layers of the ice cube.


Candy Ice Cube (Older Version)

  • A candy ice cube occupies one square and stays stationary until cleared. It can be broken by matching candies adjacent to it, or through any special candy's effects reaching the ice cube. Repeat until cleared.
  • Unlike Honey, the Color Bomb + Coloring Candy combo will destroy all layers. Honey, in contrast, will only be reduced to 2 layers, and the other Honey will be taken out.
  • Like Honey, Ice Cubes could contain nothing. When they are trapped in ice cubes, other elements are isolated from outside and lose their properties.  
  • Like the comb honey, you cannot see through Ice Cubes with more than two layers.
  • Unlike Honey, candies destroyed by striped or wrapped candy do not affect adjacent ice cubes.
  • Destroying the last layer of ice cube will reward 20 points (60 from specials), unlike Honey, removing the third layer does not give points.

Types of Ice Cubes

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
One-layered Ice Cube Level 226 1
Two-layered Ice Cube 2
Three-layered Ice Cube 3
Four-layered Ice Cube 4
Five-layered Ice Cube 5
Six-layered Ice Cube 6


  • This can be broken if a color bomb or fish candy hits an adjacent candy.
  • Ice cubes were unofficially introduced in level 220 because of some buff but they were then replaced by comb honey.
  • After the release of Red Velvet Villa, the images of multi-layered (3 or more layered) ice cubes were redesigned.