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Levels 1 to 5
Characters Bubblegum Troll
Release date Web/PC (Facebook.com/King.com): Unavailable
Mobile devices (Android version): Indefinite
after April 21, 2016
Mobile device (iOS/Windows Phone): Unavailable

Bubblegum hill is an event of Candy Crush Soda Saga that is only available for a limited time.


Before episode: No one looks as good as Bubblegum in the crown. But you can try it anyway... Mwa ha ha!

After episode: Sit back on your throne and enjoy your reign! Don't worry, it's supposed to be sticky.


To enter Bubblegum hill, click the "Earn Crown" button. The player will see all 5 levels and a treasure outside the cake castle. The mission of all the players is to pass all 5 levels with only one life. Each level has a specific level type. If the player passes all levels, they will give rewards like boosters, unlimited lives, gold bars and a bonus. However, if the player fails any a level, they have to start again from the first level. While you get the throne, you can come back to the soda world to play more levels.

The bonus may different for each player during your reign, especially gold bars. If longer someone gains the throne, the more gold bars they get and the contrary. If any player stole your throne, they can come back to Bubblegum hill to continue to play.


  • Beat these 5 levels with a single life to rule Bubblegum hill! Knock the past ruler off the throne to claim the royal treasures!
  • As ruler, this will as be your! The longer you reign the bigger your royal bonus!
  • The Candy Kingdom waits on you! Play while your Royal Bonus piles up!
  • These Gold Bars piled up during your reign!
  • [Player] stole the crown and now sits on the throne!


  • 1 hour Unlimited Lives Icon.png + 6 Lollipop Hammer Icon.png + Bonus Gift.png
  • The more time you keep the throne, the more gold bars in Bonus Gift.png you take.
  • 4 min = 1 gold bar (No longer true)


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  • All levels of this event were redesigned when it is released. However, sometimes the levels are the same as previously used ones.
  • This is similar to Cake Climb events in Candy Crush Saga. However, there are two more levels presented in Bubblegum Hill.
  • The background of this episode (from December 11 to 25, 2015) is the same as the one of Whipped Mountaintops and Cupcake Cottage.
  • Sometimes, when a lot of players win at the same time, each of them will gain only 1 gold bar. Other times, a player can win a very large number of gold bars. Oftentimes, a player won't receive ANY gold bars, and the game gives no explanation for this.
  • In 2018-11-03, the background and the scene has been changed.


All levels of Bubblegum hill event can be found here!

Candy Crush Soda Saga - Bubblegum Hill - May 29, 2017



Bubblegum Hill - play tomorrow!


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