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Bubblegum Troll
Bubblegum Troll.gif
Gender Male
First appearance Home-Sticky-Home.png
Full list of appearances Home-Sticky-Home.pngTasty-Theatre.pngChewy-Show.png

Wacky-Woods.pngJelly-Mines.png Bubblegum-Hill.png [[File:Bubblegum-Bridge.png|140px||link=Bubblegum-Bridge||

Bubblegum Troll is a character in Candy Crush Soda Saga. He first appears in the 22nd episode, Home Sticky Home.

  • In the 22nd, he appears as a secretary in the soda library.
  • In the 71st episode, he performs as Valkyries goddess on the stage in the soda theatre. He sings about Kimmy in Tasty Theatre, prepare to be astonished by his epic stage outfit.
  • In the 103rd episode, Chewy Show, he hosts in the Candy Crush show.
  • In the 108th episode, Wacky Woods, he, who becomes a witch, brings a poison apple to princess while she is making a bear-cream cake.
  • In bubblegum hill, he appears as a king of soda land.