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Bubble Gum is a blocker in Candy Crush Soda Saga. It is only appears in (and is the main target of) all Bubble Gum levels. It is introduced in Sugarshell Cove at Level 166.


Bubble gum

  • Just like Chocolate, it spreads or strengthens every move you do not "chew" it. However, you can see and interact with the element underneath.
  • It is also like a producible Licorice Lock because candies lose their mobility if captured by bubble gum.
  • When a regular candy, striped candy, fish candy, wrapped candy and coloring candy is locked it can be removed by regular matches. When a Color bomb is locked, the lock can only be removed using special candy effects. When locked, it can be removed by adjacent matches.
  • Color bomb + coloring candy can clear all bubble gum on the board.
  • When color bomb (or coloring candy) combines with a candy (or striped candy, wrapped candy), any candy of that color which occupies the tile along with the bubble gum will be detonated (become that kind of special candy if color bomb switch with striped candy or wrapped candy) and bubble gum will be removed.


First Level Last Level #
166 🤔 🤔


  • Bubble gum appears only in bubble gum type levels.
  • Bubble gum was named as "bubblegum" before Palm Sugar Oasis was released.