Soda! - red, green and orange

Bottles are one of the special items in Candy Crush Soda Saga. They first appear in soda levels (Sodatype) and most of the bubble levels (Bubbletype). They first appear in the 1st episode, Candy Town, with the first level being level 1.


The objective of soda levels is to pop a certain amount of bottles so that the soda can get to the top of the board. However, they can also appear on bubble levels, as soda needs to go up so that you can get the bear above the candy string.

Just like candies, there are seven different colors and shapes of bottles, however, soda bottles don't come in dark purple colours:

Red bottle
Orange bottle
Yellow bottle
Green bottle
Bright blue bottle
Dark blue bottle
Purple bottles
Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple


Quenching the thirst-0

Quenching the thirst? : Why add more soda? The world is already drenched in it!
Pop a bottle (1337)


  • The bottles cannot be transformed into special candies directly (special candy combination), but they can be coloured by coloring candy or destroyed by color bomb.
  • Bottles only appear in soda or bubble levels.


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