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Locked Boosters

Just like all other match-3 games, a Booster is an item in Candy Crush Soda used to simplify gameplay, each with a unique ability. Some boosters can be activated before the loading screen (Pre-game Boosters), while others are only active during gameplay (In-game Boosters).


There are various boosters in the game that all have different properties. Boosters come with a certain number of charges. Once you use the booster, one charge is consumed (unless unlimited for a set time).

List of boosters

Boosters here are very little compared to Candy Crush Saga.

Name Effect Unlock Cost Icon
Lollipop Hammer Like Candy Crush Saga, smash a Candy or break a Blocker. Level 11 (1): 9 CostGold.png
(3): 19 CostGold.png
(9): 49 CostGold.png
(18): 89 CostGold.png
Striped Lollipop Hammer Deletes a row and column on the board. Also cannot pass through Licorice (see Striped Candy).

[In Candy Crush Saga, this booster changes 1 Candy of your choice into a Striped.]

Level 21 (1): 19 CostGold.png
(3): 39 CostGold.png
(9): 99 CostGold.png
(18): 179 CostGold.png
Lollicross hammer.png
Free Switch Just like Candy Crush Saga, switch any 2 different-colored candies. Level 25 (1): 14 CostGold.png
(3): 29 CostGold.png
(9): 79 CostGold.png
(18): 129 CostGold.png
Extra Moves Add 5 additional moves every time you run out. Whenever you first run out of moves (1): 10 CostGold.png

+5 moves.png
Striped Candy Start the game with a striped candy on the board. Level 13 Striped Candy Icon.png
Wrapped Candy Start the game with a wrapped candy on the board. Level 14 Wrapped Candy Icon.png
Color Bomb Start the game with a color bomb on the board. Level 15
(3): 19 CostGold.png

Coloring Candy Start the game with a coloring candy on the board. Level 20
(3): 19 CostGold.png

Double delish fish Double all of the fish created during this level. Level 30
(3): 19 CostGold.png

Supersonic Lolly Creates a supersonic blast, destroying everything on the field (except Blockers inside other Blockers) Random No cost, just collect the Pieces in the levels. Supersonic Lolly.png