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Blockers are very common elements and main obstacles in Candy Crush Soda Saga. They prevent a player from accomplishing a level goal. They usually take up a tile (1x1 square) or even a square (2x2 square).They can take on one or more of the following functions: 
  • Prevent candies from being accessed (e.g. liquorice locks) 
  • Prevent candies from taking up a tile unless cleared (e.g. cupcakes) 
  • Block special candy effects (e.g. liquorice swirls) 
  • Cover up candies (e.g. chocolate) 

Blockers are the main obstacles of the board, so the player has to clear them. Nearly every level has at least one type of blocker. Levels can have up to three to six types of blockers.

Most blockers make levels harder. For example, blockers like Six-layered Ice Cube requires six hits before they disappear and are one of the biggest obstacles in most levels. Jelly Cake (when cleared) takes a layer off all blockers and destroys all special candies on the board.

Sometimes, blockers are useful because they can prevent chocolate from spreading and very necessary for some type of levels. For example, if the player wants to pass a chocolate level, they have to eat all chocolate on the board.

There are many different types of blockers, each having different properties, so a player has to deal with each one differently. Some are easier to deal with, some harder.

List of blockersEdit

You can click the blocker names so that you can see their information.

Blocker First level Last level (outdated) Unique properties
Liquorice Lock

Liquorice Lock

2 1825 Prevents candies from being moved or destroyed. Removed by matching 3 or more using the candy in it. Has different properties if it is on something without color.


8 1819 Maximum of five layers. The one-layered version is the easiest blocker to be cleared. Cleared by matching candies next to it.


31 1811 Brown Chocolate multiplies if not broken in a move. White chocolate spreads by one and adds a layer on an existing one layered piece if not broken in a move. The white one can have up to two layers and is independent from the brown one: If a match only breaks brown chocolate, the white chocolate will still multiply itself.


76 1822 Maximum of six layers. The one-layered version is the easiest blocker to be cleared. Can have candies or Liquorice Swirls in them. The comb honey is unlocked unofficially at level 35.
Liquorice Swirl

Liquorice swirl

136 1825 Resistant to striped candies and colour bombs. First movable blocker.
Bubble Gum


166 1787 Locks candy or multiplies if not broken in a move.
Candy Ice Cube


226 1825 Maximum of six layers. The one-layered version is the easiest blocker to be cleared. Has slightly different properties compared to Honey.
Jelly Cake

Jelly Cake

271 1800 Takes up 4 tiles and need 8 hits to destroy. When destroyed the cake will explode which clears the entire board.
Liquorice Link

Liquorice link1Liquorice link2
Liquorice link3Liquorice link4

391 (Pink), 2831 (Yellow) 1771 Maximum of four layers. If one link in a chain of links is destroyed, the whole chain is destroyed with it.
Peppermint Stick


1106 1823 Maximum of nine squares. If the red stripes are lit up, it will explode.


3431 Maximum of five layers. Cleared by matching candies next to it. It is the first multi-layered movable blocker in the game.


  • In the levels with a lot of sections, if the blockers don't belong to the current section after the player completes the levels, all of them will be removed.
  • Ironically, two-layered cupcake is presented in the initial layout before the one-layered cupcake. However, one-layered cupcake can be seen if a layer is removed from a two-layered cupcake.
  • Peppermint stick is introduced 715 levels further than liquorice link, being the longest wait for the appearance of a new blocker in the game.
  • Yellow Liquorice Link is a slightly modified version of Liquorice Link, with its first appearance being Level 2831.
  • Pancake appears in the game from Level 3431, the blocker being the game's first ever movable multi-layered blocker.

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