For character in Candy Bear Village, see Bear (character).

Bears or candy bears are items that are required to be collected on frosting levels, bubble levels, and honey levels. Bears for frosting levels are introduced at level 6, bubble levels at level 9, and honey levels at level 76.

Types of bearsEdit

Frosting bearsEdit

Frosting bear

Frosting bears are found in Frosting levels. They are found under Frosting. They can occupy 1x2, 2x4, and 3x6 spaces. When all the Frosting in front of the Bear has been removed, the bear will come out and is collected. When found, it will destroy all candies and liquorice swirls in front of the Bear and reward points depending on the size of the bear. It rewards 2000 points multiplied by the number of tiles it covers.

Bubble bearsEdit

Bear bubble

Bubble Bears are found in Bubble levels. Bubble Bears can be swapped and falls like candies but cannot be destroyed by matching or special candies. If it enters a Candy String tile which is the row of tiles above the visible string, the bubble will pop and the bear will be collected. Each Bubble Bear collected rewards 6000 points.

Honey bearsEdit

Bear honey

Honey Bears are found in Honey levels. They are found under the comb honey. They can occupy one space. Each Honey Bear collected rewards 1000 points or 3000 points with special candies. Honey Bears can be destroyed by matching or special candies.


  • Bears are often referred to as gummy bears, bubbly bears, candy bears, and honey bears.
  • Bears share a few similar things in various levels.
  • Bubble bears are believed to helping them breathe by not letting them sink in soda.


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